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Becoming an Intern



Want to work for the Office of Sustainability?

We often get asked by students interested in sustainability whether we have work available in our office. This FAQ should answer all of your questions about working for our office. 

Q: How many interns do you usually have at the Office of Sustainability (OoS)?


A: The OoS typically has between 5 and 10 paid interns every year, depending on the projects we have at any given time. We also work with a number of students as service learners, as well as volunteers on special projects and programs, like Earth Week. 

Q: How long do students usually work? How many hours do student usually work?


A: Some students work for a semester, and some for more than a year, it all depends on what works for them and for us. Student can work a minimum of 5 hours per week, and a maximum of 20. 

Q: How do I get a paid job at the OoS?


A: Most student interns at the OoS are students we have worked with prior to them getting a paid position. Working with a student in a volunteer or service learning capacity gives us the chance to get to know their abilities and personality better (and allows you to get to know us, too!), and gives us something to make a decision on when positions open up. Get involved with planning events like Sustainable Living Roadshow, Earth Week, and keep your eyes and ears open for positions opening up.

Q: What is it like to work in the Office of Sustainability?


A: It's fun! And crazy at times. The staff here is so passionate about what we do that often there is way more to do than people to do it. We expect interns to work at the office at least a few hours per week, but often work is done outside regular hours and space. It just depends on what you're working on. But most interns will agree that it keeps them on track when they spend some amount of time in the office. We have intern meetings every other week, and expect all interns to commit to attending those.


Q: Are there any other opportunities to work on sustainability on campus?


A: Absolutely! If you want to get involved, but aren't sure what it's all about, we recommend trying a couple of things. First, take a course on sustainability. You can find out all about our programs of study on the Sustainability Studies website. The intro sustainability class requires service learning hours, which enables you to get involved directly in campus sustainability. Second, join up with a student environmental group. Finally, join the student Green Patriots program and be a representative to your group (whatever it may be) for the OoS.