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Dining Sustainability


Mason Dining is committed to sustainability and providing healthy and fresh selections for the Mason community. Some highlights of its sustainability efforts include: trayless dining; energy and water conversation practices through new technologies; promoting recycling and waste minimization; offering vegetarian and vegan options at every meal; using biodegradable and reusable serviceware; purchasing sustainable seafood; and buying over 10% of its food locally.  Both Southside and Pilot House are Virginia Green restaurants.  Mason Dining also offers discounts for reusable mugs at Starbucks, Jazzman's and La Patisserie! For more information: visit Sustainable Dining at Mason.


Eating locally, becoming more informed about your food, and looking at labels when you are in the store are things you can do to dine more sustainably. When looking at labels you can look to see where the food is produced, if it is organic, and under what conditions it was grown or made (i.e. was it certified by Marine Stewardship Council, Global Aquaculture Alliance's Aquaculture Practices Program, or Fair Trade certified). Buying locally helps to support the local economy, buying organic supports farming and production practices that use little to no pesticides, and buying from sustainable seafood programs helps support and maintain fisheries and aquatic ecosystems. Buying food responsibly is just one way you can help make a positive impact for our planet.

Where does Mason's food come from?
Where does Mason's food come from?
Pilot House, A Virginia Green Restaurant