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Edible Gardens

Doni and peaches

Gardening is a very simple yet powerful activity for those interested in living more sustainably. Starting your own garden is transformative on both a local and global scale. Each fruit and veggie grown on your plot lessens your need for purchasing fruits and vegetables grown several thousand miles away- lessening your carbon footprint. At-home gardeners are also less-likely to need chemical fertilizers and pesticides as smaller, diverse plots are healthier and less susceptible to pest invasion.

Growing fruits and vegetables at home will not only make mealtimes more enjoyable (tastier, more flavorful food), your wallet will be happier too! Homegrown vegetables require only a fraction of the cost of most conventional, store-bought produce. Lastly, (and our favorite) gardening builds community. Something special happens when people get outside, get their hands in the dirt, and grow together.



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