central_plant How much do you think Mason spends on electricity each year?  If you guessed about $10 million, you are correct!  So the more energy we save, the more money we will have to invest in other university services and benefits.  According to George Mason University's emissions inventory, emissions from our buildings produce over 65% of our emissions. Since 2005, Mason has worked with Siemens Building Technologies to upgrade its buildings to be more energy and water efficient. Highlights of our work include upgrading our heating and air conditioning equipment, replacing existing lighting with more energy efficient lighting and occupancy sensors, installing low-flow water fixtures, and improving our building automation system to match weather and occupancy schedules.  Each year, Mason saves close to $2 million from these efforts.
Mason Green Office Taking simple steps to conserve energy supports a thriving planet. Suggested green actions include…

Recurring Actions

- Heating and cooling = a building’s largest energy use.
- Changing the thermostat 1 degree = 1% savings.
- Dress appropriately for the weather to stay comfortable and ease thermostat use.
- Set your thermostat to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during winter and 76 Fahrenheit in summer.
- Save hot water energy through showering in under 5 minutes and using the cold wash  
  setting in the laundry.

- Turn off unused lights.

One Time Switches:

- Bring less appliances to campus or share appliances
- Use LED light bulbs for task lighting (85% less energy used!)
- Set your computer/laptop to energy savings mode. Instructions available here.
- Plug all of your devices into a surge protector.
- Report all heating and cooling issues to Facilities Management at 703-993-2525.

If your office wants to do more or check on its sustainability progress, check out Mason's Green Office certification program.

Take the energy trivia quiz here...

George Mason Energy Trivia

George Mason Energy Trivia

Test your knowledge about Mason Energy Usage and ways to conserve energy on campus! Be apart of the growing movement to support sustainability and the health of our environment at George Mason University.

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