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Potomac Heights Vegetable Garden

The George Mason University Potomac Heights Vegetable Garden was started in April 2009 with the support of the Office of Sustainability. After a rocky start, the garden is now thriving! A large part of its success is due to a newly-formed student club (George Mason University Organic Garden Association) that oversees the garden. This group is responsible for garden outreach and education within the Mason community. They are also in charge of coordinating volunteer efforts on the garden. Danielle Wyman is the Garden Manager and assists the Garden Association (GOGA) with garden projects, grants, and initiatives. GOGA is currently accepting applications for next-year's officers.


Where Does the Produce Go?

Food Bank

First and foremost, the produce is donated to a local food bank called Food for Others. We at the garden know the value and importance of incorporating fresh, healthy, locally-grown produce into our diets. Naturally we want to extend this opportunity out to as many people as possible- especially those in need.

Garden Volunteers

Hard work pays off! Garden volunteers that come out on a regular basis are given fresh vegetables to take home on a weekly basis. Growing food is incredibly important, but enjoying the fruits of your hard labor is equally as important.

Produce Stand

In the summer of 2011, the Potomac Heights Vegetable garden was able to produce enough fruits and vegetables to sell a small amount at a weekly kiosk in the Johnson Center. The money made from this produce stand is filtered back into operating costs for the garden.