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Many faculty were responsible for the birth of sustainability at Mason, and are actively promoting curricular integration through their courses. There are a number of ways for faculty to get involved:

Faculty who would like advice or assistance in bringing sustainability into their courses or research should contact Mason's Fellow of Sustainability Studies. In addition, resources on how to create student or course research opportunities can be found here . Visit the Sustainability Studies website for more information!

The Green Office program is a brand new opportunity to get recognition for your office for promoting and participating in sustainable behavior in the course of your daily routine. Find out more about the Green Office program!

Faculty interested in engaging students in executing research-oriented projects that can improve Mason's campuses' sustainability footprint should check out the new Patriot Green Fund program. This program has $100,000 available every school year for research and facility improvement projects that can directly impact Mason's sustainability.

The Sustainability Studies Advisory Council was established by the Fellow of Sustainability Studies and the Office of the Provost to encourage collegiality and cross-disciplinary thinking around integrating sustainability concepts into curricula and research at Mason.