2014 Projects

(13/14 Academic Year)

2014 saw the continuation of two large projects started in 2013: solar tables and the Innovation Food Forest.

Project TitleProject Leader(s)Award AmountProjectPlaceStatus
BioFilter InstallationS. Hess, B. Gladfelter$20,000Infrastructure: Installation of biofilter for stormwater management in parking areaFairfax CampusDiscontinued due to regulatory environment but a separate project installed one by Shenandoah Parking Deck in 2017
Campus Community GardenC. Campbell$3,000Infrastructure: create a campus garden Prince William campusContinues today
Wetland Restoration at Huntley Meadows ParkC. Ahn$1,000Research
Identifying Chyrtridiomycosis in Amphibian PopulationsK. Curtain$1,000Research
Patriots Initiating Kinetic EnergyM. Ahmed $20,000Infrastructure: Kinetic energy bikes in gymFairfax CampusDiscontinued due to equipment challenges
Eco-mowJ. Force$17,000Research: biomass powered lawn mowerFairfax CampusContinues today, doing business as Iron Goat Tech
Green Patriots ReforestationC. Harris$21,000Infrastructure: Reforestation of impacted spaceFairfax CampusContinues today in front of Rappahannock Parking Deck
Campus Community GardenE. Dupuis$15,000Infrastructure: Create a fee-based community garden Fairfax CampusContinues today behind Potomac Heights