The Environment and Sustainability Virtual Learning Community (VLC)

Learn about sustainability and make an impact at Mason! Whether you’re just interested or a sustainability activist, join an expansive community of students from all areas of study who are committed to learning and creating positive change for people and the planet!

In the Environment & Sustainability VLC students establish friendships and build community, learn about the core concepts of sustainability and Mason’s opportunities for engagement, network and create connections with sustainability change agents at Mason, work on impactful projects and enhance your skills so you’re career-ready, receive support from dedicated faculty and staff, and much more!


First-Year – INTS 292: Leadership for SustainabilityCRN: 76314
Upper-Level – INTS 395: Leadership for SustainabilityCRN: 76619

Virtual Learning Communities (VLCs) provide a supportive, educational, and exciting experience for students and allow them to make friends who share their passions and interests. With a variety of VLCs to choose from and teams of dedicated staff here to create a positive and supportive experience for the students, VLCs make it easier to find connection to the Mason community.

Each individual VLC is partnership between at least two campus offices to create a collaborative and holistic environment for the students engaging in that community.

What is a VLC?

A Virtual Learning Community is a group of students from both on and off campus who share common interests and come together in an online format in order to explore those passion areas more deeply. In a virtual setting, the VLC functions a lot like a residence hall floor or building in that students all in the same VLC group have easy access to each other and it makes the larger Mason community feel smaller.

Each VLC has a dedicated team comprised of faculty members, professional staff, and student staff who are invested in the student experience and are passionate about the topic area. In addition, VLCs have a connected course around the topic area which allows students to not only interact outside of the classroom but in the classroom as well.

VLCs will have fun and engaging activities that students will enjoy based on the interest of their specific community and will have access to opportunities and elevated experiences, even in a virtual setting.

Benefits of a VLC include:

  • A virtual social lounge and home, curated for students to be fun, engaging, and supportive
  • Connection with other students, both academically and socially
  • Access to academic resources and support from tutors, campus resources, and faculty
  • Connected courses are taken with like-minded individuals designed to engage their passion and help them learn outside of the classroom
  • Mentoring from upper-level students in many of our VLCs who have experience in the VLC topic.
  • Events and virtual programming tailored to the VLC by content experts connected to that VLC

In the end, VLCs bring connection to students. It doesn’t matter where you are — you will find friends, mentors, and support here!


The VLC experience is open to all students including both residential and non-residential students. While the experience is open to all class years, preference will be given to first-year students and upper-level students who were already accepted into an LLC for the 2020-2021 academic year. For Academic Year 2020-2021, the application is currently closed.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

The Virtual Learning Communities’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page has answers for you! And the official website is a great resource.

For any additional questions related to Virtual Learning Communities, please contact