Waste Minimization – How to Help

Things students, faculty, and staff can do to help:

  • DISPOSE PROPERLY. Place all trash and recycling in the appropriate bins. Trash that ends up on the ground can be washed into our drainage system and end up in Mason Pond, or even the Chesapeake Bay.
  • SORT ACCURATELY. Although glass, cans and plastics are sorted at the recycling facility, paper is sorted by Mason employees. Combining white and mixed paper limits the effectiveness of the recycling process and costs the University money.
  • STOP CONTAMINATION. Rinse out containers before you place them in recycling. The food left in packaging can contaminate the recycling, and can keep the whole batch from being recycled.
  • DO ALL THREE R’S. Remember that recycling is only one part of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.  You can make an even greater difference by using less of something or reusing it.  The recycling or incineration process uses more energy and is more labor-intensive than reducing or reusing items.
  • PARTICIPATE IN PPO. If you live on campus, participate in Patriot Pack Out (PPO) during student move-out in May. Your donated clothing, non-perishable food, small appliances, and other items will be given to local families in need.
  • LEARN MORE ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY. Visit Mason’s Office of Sustainability at gmu.edu to get more information on how to be green at Mason!