Acceptable Materials

Mason has a number of recycling streams. Each of these streams contain a wide variety of recyclable materials, making the majority of what you use day to day recyclable! Below is a list of what can be recycled in each of the following streams!

Please place all recyclables in appropriate containers.

  • Please be sure all recycled materials (paper, cans, bottles) are clean, dry, and completely empty.
  • Do not place plastic bags, styrofoam cups, dirty food containers, waxy hot beverage disposable cups, cigarettes and packing peanuts into recycling bins. These belong in the trash.
  • For large quantities of materials or to request special pickup, call 703-993-3671.

White Paper
Lined paper

Mixed Paper
Colored paper
Junk mail
Manila/file folders
Coffee cup sleeves
Brown paper bags
Cardboard/paperboard (cereal, cracker, cookies boxes)
Magazines/catalogs/phone books
Paper towel rolls
Post-it notes

Glass, Cans, Plastics – Please RINSE/ CLEAN before disposing
Aluminum food and beverage containers (MUST BE RINSED)
Glass food and beverage containers (brown, clear, or green – emptied is fine)
Steel cans (e.g., RINSED veggie or soup cans)
Plastics # 1-7 (yogurt containers, soda bottles, coffee cup lids, soda caps, plastic coffee cups)

Read our update about recycling glass on-campus here.

For cardboard, make sure the box is empty, flatten it, then put it behind, on top of, or next to a cluster of recycling bins.

For pizza boxes you may rip off the top that is not greasy and recycle that, then throw away the greasy bottom of the box.

Electronic Waste (E-Waste)
Please dispose small batteries, chargers, or phones in electronic e-waste collectors located in the Johnson Center. Contact University Surplus or put in a Service Request to pick up your old monitors/ computers, electronics, and office furniture on campus.

Any Soiled Containers

Tissues/ Paper Towels/ Napkins

Gift Wrap

FedEx/ Self-Sealing Envelopes
Waxed Lined Food Containers

Plastic Bags and cling film

Universal Waste 
Help keep toxic electronic waste out of landfills and away from burdened international communities. Drop off used batteries, ink cartridges, and cell phones in e-waste bins in the Johnson Center (near the Information Desk and second floor study space) and Mason Square (formerly the Arlington Campus), at the Founders Hall Information Desk. Recycling facilities meet R2 and E-stewards certification standards.

These items are also recycled at Mason, but do not have collection bins. Recycling and Waste Management collects these Universal Waste items, or you can stop by the Universal Waste & Recycling Center in Facilities’ yard before 3:00pm on an as needed basis:

  • Electronic waste (E-waste), including computers, batteries, ink cartridges, and old cell phones. If Mason property, these can be submitted to surplus or placed near a recycling center for pick up.  For personal items, these can all be recycled in the E-waste collection box at the Johnson Center (JC).
  • Personal small appliances in residential halls, such as toasters and printers should be put aside inside individual trash rooms for Housing to pick up and recycled. Please do not put appliances in or near dumpsters and compactors around campus.  For questions, please contact your Residential Advisor (RA).
  • Paints, and any other chemicals, should be recycled through Mason’s Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) department.
  • Auto parts/ Tires can also be recycled through Facilities
  • Other misc. Universal Waste items:Fluorescent light bulbs
    Cooking grease
    Fuel Tanks
    Car batteries
    Engine Oil
    Auto parts
    Yard debris
    Fallen trees
    Chipped wood (used as mulch around campus)
    Refrigerator coolant

Do NOT dump materials in the Facilities yard, instead come by between 7:00am and 3:00pm M-F, or put in a service request for a pick up. Please contact for information or click here to put in a Service Request for pick up of universal waste.

Contact Info

Facilities Customer Service
Phone: 703-993-2525