Green Office Program

University Life Arlington is thrilled to attain the Green Office Award Gold Level from the Office of Sustainability. Certification Level: GOLD. Liaison: Peggy Marsilii.

The Green Office Program is a certification process that recognizes offices on Mason’s campuses for reducing their environmental footprint.  The program outlines a specific set of ‘green’ measures and actions (some of which are required, some of which are optional) that departments and offices can implement in their workspace to become Green Office Certified.

What is the purpose of the program?

The purpose of the Green Office Program is to help Mason become more sustainable, one office and department at a time. The Office of Sustainability wanted to create a fun and practical program that every office (no matter how big or small) could adopt and implement. The program outlines concrete actions and provides the resources necessary for implementing each action effectively. It manages to provide a unique and exciting way for offices to create community, while creating friendly competition as incentive to further reduce environmental impact. Your office or department could be certified by the Office of Sustainability as Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

How do we facilitate the Green Office process?

If you would like to have your office or department certified, please designate an office liaison and email to set up a meeting to discuss the certification process.

What are the categories in the Green Office program?

Energy, Waste Reduction, Events, Purchasing, Transportation, Participation, and Innovation

What are the Green office levels?

25%-49%  BRONZE, 50%-74%  SILVER,  75%- 99% GOLD,  100+% PLATINUM