Certified Green Offices

Green Office Testimonials

Admissions Office

Certification Level : SILVER

Green Liaison : Richard Friesner

“We found this program to be educational and rewarding for our entire team.  Together we evaluated our business practices and identified ways to reduce our impact on our natural environment…and we had a lot of fun doing it.”

Cashier’s Office and Accounts & Loan Management

Certification Level: GOLD

Green Liaison: Alissa Patanarut

“One of the most important things our offices have gained through The Green Office Certification Program is the wonderful opportunity to promote electronic, aka “paper-less”, payments to save time for students and to also reduce the university’s impact on the environment.  The Office of Sustainability’s staff was absolutely amazing in making “green” recommendations while also taking into account our respective procedures and resources.   Amongst other positive developments, we now have an office water cooler, thus eliminating the need to buy bottled water, and our entire staff now uses reusable water bottles on a regular basis.  These improvements have exemplified how important it is for every person to be aware of their environmental impact.  Without a doubt, the Green Office Certification Program has given us a sense of accomplishment in being able to promote George Mason University as an innovative and eco-friendly institution.”


Department of Bioengineering

Certification Level: GOLD

Green Liaison: Claudia Borke

“When little actions make a big impact” – this is how the Bioengineering Department’s Office felt when the Office of Sustainability came to sit down with us and point us into a more greener direction. Our staff (Claudia Borke, Terry McGowan, Anya Sailey and Alexis Vásconez) was surprised by how many processes were already in place but were never consciously followed. The simple action of using stairs instead of pushing another elevator button to move only one story level makes a significant difference in energy costs over time and is a healthy practice. The Green Office’s model is simple and very easy to follow. Their staff is motivated, energetic and organizes interesting regular lunch presentations about “green issues” around the campus. We thank you for the effort and hope that not only our Volgenau School of Engineering, but soon most of the University offices can follow suit.

Department of History and Art History

Certification Level : GOLD

Green Liaison: Carrie Grabo

“In our original certification, the Office of Sustainability worked with us to interpret and individualize the program into something truly workable for the kinds of activities, space use, and decision-making structure we have here.  In the process, many members of the department – both faculty and staff – became more conscious of the impact of their actions and now choose the more sustainable practice as a matter of course. And we’re sure going through a lot less paper! That’s a big deal in academic work. When it came time for re-certification, much of the groundwork was already done and the process was quite straightforward. It was good to have a reminder to focus on sustainable practices and to update our practices to meet evolving goals.”

Mechanical Engineering

Certification Level: GOLD

Green Liaison: Colin Reagle

“The Mechanical Engineering Department is very excited to be certified as a Green Office.  Participation in this program will raise awareness of faculty, staff and students in the Volgenau of School of Engineering of modest changes they can make in the work patterns and lifestyles that will have a positive effect on the environment they live.  The Green Office program provides a scalable model that can be replicated anywhere on campus, and we hope this recognition will encourage future adoptions in the Volgenau School of Engineering.  This contribution to sustainability aligns with the engineering charge to use the principles of science to better humanity.”

New Student and Family Programs

Formerly: Orientation and Family Programs and Services

Certification Level : GOLD

Green Liaison : Rick Gray

“This has helped the department be more innovative in incorporating sustainability into more activities and groups on campus. It’s so easy, isn’t time consuming, and you can obtain certification at your own pace.”

Office of Academic and Career Services, School of Business

Certification Level: SILVER

Green Liaison: Mary Byerley

“We were surprised and encouraged to learn that many of the recommended actions towards Green Office Certification were already being implemented in our office.  The Office of Sustainability’s helpful and friendly staff played a key role in providing feedback and educating us about the additional action steps needed to achieve certification.  During the process, we discovered how to boost our energy savings, improve waste reduction, plan for events, save on transportation, and become more involved in sustainability projects around campus. The Green Office certification program is great way to bring teams together, and we are excited to share with our students that we are committed to sustainability at Mason!”

Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education

Certification Level : GOLD

Green Liaison: Jumana Kamal

“Why wouldn’t we want to save costs and save the earth?”

Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities and Research (OSCAR)

Certification Level: GOLD

Green Liaison: Samira Lloyd

“We take pride in being able to say that we are Green Office certified. The certification process has brought OSCAR staff closer, and we continue to work together on improving our office, and learning new ways of successfully minimizing our effect on the environment through the things we do every day. We will continue to strive in improving our operations while constantly staying mindful of the impact we make.”

Student Health Services Arlington

Certification Level : GOLD

Green Liaison : Laura Poisson

“As a medical clinic we had some special issues to think about in our quest to become a green office.  Thanks to the staff of the Office of Sustainability for assisting us in the process. We were particularly excited to learn that we were the first office at the Arlington campus to become green-office certified!  We are proud to be a part of Mason’s continued efforts to green our wonderful university.”

University Information

Certification Level: GOLD

Green Liaison: Joshua Griset

We were surprised when we realized some of the green things we were already doing! The process was a lot simpler than anticipated. When we discovered how close we were to Gold Level (the next level up), we knew we had to win the Gold! It was fun to think of the different ways we could improve our sustainability efforts.”

University Life Arlington

Certification Level: GOLD

Liaison: Peggy Marsilii

“University Life Arlington is thrilled to attain the Green Office Award Gold Level from the Office of Sustainability.  With the assistance of the Office of Sustainability staff, we were able to review our office policies and change some procedures.  One of the challenges we had was providing “green” alternatives to the paper and plastic products we use for our events. We now encourage students to bring their own water bottles to events and refrain from using plastic where possible. We also recently purchased reusable University Life Arlington mugs for our Coffee and Conversation series. We continue to be committed to Mason’s sustainability efforts!”