2017 Projects

(17/18 Academic Year)

In 2017, PGF funded several engineering projects including two Mechanical Engineering senior capstone projects. The Assessment of Building Envelopes project team devised a sensor package and delivery system to assess and map the thermal images of various George Mason University buildings from the exterior. The Storm Drain Non-Destructive Inspection project team aimed to understand and characterize the current condition of the campus drainage system for inefficiencies and aging, including cracks, failures and blockages. The 3D Filament project aimed to create a machine that takes plastic water bottles and recycles them into 3D printing filament. Students involved in the River Ecotoxicology project used sampled organisms to examine the Potomac River freshwater tidal food web community composition, analyze various organismal tissues and sediment for micropollutant contaminants, explore the human drivers of these micropollutants, and translate that information to the general public. More about these and other projects can be found below.

Project TitleProject Leader(s)Award AmountProjectPlaceStatus
Storm Drain Non-Destruction InspectionR. Gallo$7,500Infrastructure: Infrared sensor package for inspectionsFairfax CampusIn progress
River EcotoxicologyA. Fowler, K. de Mutsert$12,000Research: Analysis of Potomac River RegionalIn progress
Assessment of Building EnvelopeR. Gallo$7,500Infrastructure: Sensor package and delivery system for buildings Fairfax CampusIn progress
3D Filament A. Roberts and J. Recktenwald$2,100Infrastructure: Create a machine that takes plastic water bottles and recycles them into 3D printing filamentFairfax Campus In progress
The Child Development Center (CDC) Garden RevitalizationS. Kulok$960Infrastructure: Revitalize the garden in order to educate children and utilize nature as a learning platform. Fairfax Campus In progress
Hydropower MicroturbineJ. Sklarew and C. Reagle$17,860Infrastructure: Improve campus sustainability through integration of clean power infrastructure with storm water management.Fairfax Campus In progress
Applications of Drones to Conduct Stream and Marsh Physical AssessmentsC.Ferreira and S. Zahirieh$500Research: Use drones as a method for conducting physical assessments of bodies of water with more efficiency than current methods. Fairfax Campus In progress