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Daniel Stock

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Daniel is from the island community of Kailua, Hawaii. Growing up in that down to Earth atmosphere he developed a strong sense of conservation and stewardship of ones community and environment.

In 2008 Daniel came to Mason as a resident of the Green floor and naturally became a part of the Environmental Action Group (EAG) on campus. He worked on several campaigns in the EAG such as a general awareness and outreach campaign, as well as the patriot green fund and mountain top removal work. In 2009 Daniel transferred back home to Hawaii and got involved in the student government there as the student activities coordinator on the executive board. He continued with his organizing in environmental awareness and environmental justice until transferring back to George Mason University in 2011.

He is currently an Environmental and Sustainability Studies major with a concentration in Economics and a minor in Psychology at George Mason University. Daniel Serves in the EAG steering committee as the groups central coordinator, and is one of the founding members of the progressive student alliance.

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