Green Resident Certification

Be a part of Green Residence at Mason! Photo by Alexis Glenn/Creative Services/George Mason University

Want to be Green Resident certified?

Ask your Resident Advisor to hold a program on the certification! The Resident Advisor should email for access to the survey. Take the survey and see if you and your floor are certified! At least 50% of the residents on your floor need to be certified to earn Green Resident Certification.

Why become certified?

  • You will be helping Mason save energy and reduce waste which will save money and help the environment for everyone!
  • Your floor will receive a certificate to display on the hall and show off to everyone who visits and those individuals who are certified will receive a customized button to put on their bag with their hall’s name on it!
  • In the common goal of becoming certified, your floor will come together as a community to help each other problem solve in order to create a more sustainable Mason!

Sustainable Steps

Below are a few things you can do to improve your certification rating and decrease your individual impact on the environment.


  • Ensure that laptops are set to energy saving mode. This can be done in the “Power Options” on most computers.
  • Unplug electronics such as lamps, chargers, printers, coffee makers, etc. when not in use. Appliances that are turned off but still plugged in will continue to use energy. Or plug all your appliances into a surge protector to easily turn them all off at once!energy star
  • Invest in LED bulbs for all personal lamps. They are more energy efficient and last longer!
  • Printers in the room should be set to “double sided printing” by default.
  • Check to see if appliances in the room are Energy Star Certified. If not, look into using Energy Star certified appliances in the future. Certified appliances will have this sticker on it.


  • Make sure everyone in the room is aware of, and using the recycling bin. Alsobe aware of separating recyclable materials into the appropriately marked containers in your hall’s trash room. Mason accepts white paper, mixed paper, and comingled (glass, aluminum cans, and plastics # 1-7).
    recycle -bin

    Mason recycles!

  • Recycling electronic waste can be a little tougher. E-waste, such as batteries, ink cartridges, and old cell phones can be recycled in specially marked bins located on the 1st Floor of the Johnson Center.
  • When eating somewhere that doesn’t provide washable dishware, or when eating in, use your own reusable dishware and utensils.
  • Don’t buy bottled water, instead use a reusable water bottle to fill with tap water or water refill stations around campus! P.S. it’s free!
    Trash can

    E-waste bins

  • Use Eco-Friendly all-purpose cleaning products, such as ‘Seventh Generation’ or ’Method’.
  • Use the cold water setting when washing your clothes to save the energy needed to heat up water.
  • Use a drying rack instead of the dryer when doing laundry. Buy one, or talk with your RA about possibly getting communal racks for the floor to use.
  • Remember to turn off the thermostat when windows are open. Placing a reminder next to it can help. Also setting your thermostats high in the summer and low in the winter can save more energy.
  • Purchase used clothes from thrift stores or consignment shops instead of buying new items. Learn more about the price of fashion here:
    Conserve to Preserve

    Keep your thermostat at 70 in the winter & 76 in the summer

  • Try to eat less meat! The meat industry can be detrimental to the environment by using copious amounts of water, food, and land. Not to mention it contributes to TONS of greenhouse gases per year. For more information on the meat industry’s impact on the environment, visit
  • Join a sustainability-related group on campus. Meet cool people and help make Mason more sustainable! Here is a list of Student Groups including the Office of Sustainability’s own Green Patriots!

Learn more about why saving energy at Mason can help public health NOW: