How can we know which bike trails are safe?

Your best bet is to understand your comfort zone and do a little research on trails in the area to see what is right for you. Below is a sample of the bike trails available in the area by county/city as well as trails within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Arlington: Bike Arlington has materials to help bicyclists plan safe routes, including a comfort map.
  • City of Fairfax: City of Fairfax trails are shared by bicyclists, pedestrians, runners, dog walkers and other users.
  • Fairfax County: Bike Fairfax Interactive map has comfort ratings to help bicyclists choose their routes.
  • Loudoun: For more visit Loudon County Bicycle and Pedestrian Information page.
  • Prince William: For more visit Prince William County Trails and Blueways Directory page.
  • Commonwealth of Virginia: For more visit Virginia Bicycling Federation Virginia Bike Routes page.