How many “green” buildings are on campus?

Mason has many buildings designed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified standard or above, and two buildings Virginia Energy Conservation and Environmental Standards (VEES) certified. Mason has many more buildings designed or renovated with sustainability in mind, including lighting and water fixture upgrades. For more information, please visit the buildings section of Mason’s University Sustainability website.

LEED Gold:
1. Eastern Shore (2012)
2. Hampton Roads (2012)
3. The Global Center (2010) *Cabrera Global Center

LEED Silver:
1. Fenwick Library (2020)
2. Peterson Family Health Sciences Hall (2021)
3. Ike’s Dining Hall (2016)
4. Taylor Hall (2016)
6. Exploratory Hall (2015)
8. Nguyen Engineering (2010)
9. Smithsonian Housing
10. Horizon Hall (2023)

LEED Certified
1. Vernon Smith Hall (Founders Hall) (2012)

Anticipated/In Progress
1. Point of View
2. Potomac Science Center
3. FUSE at Mason Square
4. Life Science Engineer Building
5. Activities Building