What if I want to do a technical project but don’t have any technical expertise, like solar panels for example?

In theory, that should be okay, because Facilities personnel will be assigned to the project if it is approved and they will assist with making sure technical questions are answered. However (and this is a Big however), you will have to be interested in at least learning and assisting the Facilities personnel with whatever they need help with. Otherwise, the project will technically just be another Facilities project. The purpose of the PGF is to get you involved in the process of assessing the feasibility of a project, managing the project, learning some technical skills, and developing a plan to promote the project (through development of sign content, or kickoff events, etc). If you are unwilling to do these things, the project may be considered by the PGF, but passed along to Facilities to see if it is something they wish to fund on their own. The bottom line: The PGF provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn how sustainability really works in an organization, which is a great skill to have if you plan on entering the field of sustainability, or managing any large project with multiple players. So be very careful about the scope of your project – if you can’t manage it, you need to either find someone else who can partner with you, or you need to understand that it cannot be funded.