What were the previous projects or research done on Mason stormwater ponds?

There are several past and ongoing stormwater research projects on our campus.

  • The Mason Water Forum is a project created to encourage collaboration and communication on the topics of water science, policy and education between the Mason community, 4-VA members, K-12, other institutions and the public. More about their work can be found on the Mason Water Forum website.
  • Mason Pond and Waterways were used as a test bed for National Stormwater Monitoring Project. More about this project can be found on the GMU National Stormwater Monitoring Project website.
  • Floating Wetlands on Mason Pond was a yearlong project that brought together art and science students and was designed to clean the water as well as to spur ecological awareness. More about the project can be found on the The Rain Project website.
  • Green Roof on Rappahannock project examines different aspects of environmental sustainability in infrastructure. It is led by faculty and students from various departments.
  • The GMU Piedmont Rain Garden is a joint project of George Mason University’s Sustainability LLC, University Sustainability, Office of Facilities Management and Office of Housing. It is a demonstration of how rain gardens can be used to filter stormwater runoff so as to prevent sediment and pollution from running into our streams, rivers and estuaries such as the Chesapeake Bay.