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Welcome to the Patriot Green Fund!

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Important News

The Patriot Green Fund has introduced a whole new set of applications and application guides to help streamline the processes of applying for funding. This will make our processes much easier to navigate, so before applying for any funding, please review all the new files on the Apply for Funds page!

  • Applications for the 2016/2017 school year are now open. Proposals received over the summer are just starting their review process, so please be patient and contact to check in on the status.

  • Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to all your burning questions about the PGF.

  • Our new Quick Fund Awards process allows faculty and students to apply for small grants (less than $1000) that will support experiential learning in the same semester (or the break just before the semester begins). Please read the Quick Fund Application Guide for more info about this process, and submit projects as early as possible to ensure funding source is secured.

    PGF Basics

    In the summer of 2011, the Mason administration approved the creation of the Patriot Green Fund (PGF), which is a $100,000 per year sustainability fund that is devoted to making Mason's campuses more sustainable through facility improvements and student research projects.

    One of the most unique and innovative components of the PGF is the emphasis it places on student participation. Students not only comprise the majority of the PGF Committee, but can also directly apply for funding to lead their own projects when supported by a mentor.

    This site provides details about the fund's eligibility, application process, and deadlines. In addition there is extensive information on the fund's origin, the PGF Committee and its incredible members and current and past PGF projects. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to

Deadlines for Submission

  • Quick fund submissions, which are less than $1000, will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

    All other proposals will be due on:

    • February 6th
    • March 6th
    • April 3rd

    Please see Apply for Funds for more details about the deadlines and expectations for submitting a project proposal.


    Any student, faculty, or staff member may apply for funds to support a sustainability project. Please see Apply for Funds or the new Frequently Asked Questions page for more details about the type of projects that will be supported by the PGF.

  • Some important notes:

    • Research projects must have an undergraduate or graduate student leading the project - research projects led by faculty alone are not eligible.
    • Facility projects requesting over $20,000 are strongly encouraged to apply for other grants and/or obtain funding from other Mason departments.
    • Students leading facility projects are strongly encouraged to locate a faculty or staff mentor outside of the PGF Committee. Faculty mentors are eligible for a $500 stipend for mentoring student PGF projects. Please email for more details on faculty stipends.