According to the USGS, the United States withdrawals approximately 355,000 million gallons of water each day in 2010, 33 percent of which went to irrigation. Whether American water personal lawns, golf courses, or large farms to food production, we use a lot of water. By designing our landscaping features to reduce the demand for water, we can ensure the health and vitality or not only our valuable freshwater ecosystems, but also our local Chesapeake Bay watersheds.

Wildflowers at the School of Art Garden

We can reduce our water consumption by altering our landscaping behaviors. Such strategies include:

  • Using water wisely and conservatively when watering plants and washing your car;
  • Planting native plants, which are adaptive to the local climate and need less water and fertilizer to thrive; and
  • Fertilizing with less chemicals and with minimal applications to reduce runoff into streams

We have also implemented sustainable landscaping initiatives on campus grounds such as:

Check out our Sustainability Map to learn more about our sustainable grounds on campus!