Greenhouse & Gardens Academic Internship Program

Harvesting Produce in the Presidents Park Hydroponic Greenhouse

Have you ever wanted to grow food sustainably for yourself and others? Join the Office of Sustainability’s Greenhouse and Gardens Academic Internship Program for in-person, virtual, and hybrid internship opportunities for Summer 2021!

We provide you with one-on-one mentorship from Doni Nolan, our sustainable food systems expert, who will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to create a sustainable future.

Masks, social-distancing, and proper sanitation procedures are required for all in-person internship activities. Remote tasks and virtual mentorship is available for students who select a virtual internship.

In our program, you will learn how to: compost with worms & aerobically; prepare garden beds & harvest crops; sow & transplant seedlings; use & automate hydroponic systems; solve pest issues using natural methods; create marketing materials; conduct scientific research, organize & communicate data; actively engage in sustainable landscape design; and support a thriving farm-to-table sustainable food operation.

In addition, you will hone your leadership skills by supervising and supporting volunteers in our Greenhouse & Gardens program across our three sites: Potomac Heights Vegetable Garden, Innovation Food Forest, and Presidents Park Hydroponic Greenhouse.}

Earn Academic Credit & Gain Hands-On Experience

Earn Academic Credit!

  • If you are an Environmental Science & Sustainability (EVSS) major, please refer to the website for further info.
  • If you are not, ask your advisor if the internship could count toward your degree program, either as a practicum/internship or as an upper-level elective.

Gain Hands-On Experience!

  • Grow leafy greens at the Presidents Park Greenhouse (near Ike’s) served by Mason Dining on campus. You can work in any weather since it’s shaded, ventilated, and automatically heated.
  • As weather allows, experience the outdoor gardens at the Innovation Food Forest and the Potomac Heights Vegetable Garden where fruits, veggies, and herbs are grown, including strawberries, pumpkins, mint, and more!

Start Earning (Academic Credit) and Learning!

If you want to learn more and/or intern with us in Summer 2021, email to express your interest in this amazing internship opportunity. When you click Doni’s email address, a pre-filled email message will open for you – just press send!

Read more about the Greenhouse and Gardens at Mason.

Not interested in an academic internship? You can still learn practical skills and knowledge by volunteering with us in-person or virtually, no prior experience necessary. Create your free account today. All of our volunteer shifts count towards service learning hours for class – we also offer virtual opportunities. Note: Masks, social-distancing, and proper sanitation procedures are required for all in-person volunteer activities.