Greenhouse & Gardens Academic Internship Program

The Presidents Park Hydroponic Greenhouse
Mason Student Harvesting Microgreens in the Presidents Park Hydroponic Greenhouse

Have you ever wanted to grow your own food using sustainable methods? Join the Office of Sustainability’s Greenhouse and Gardens Program team with expert Doni Nolan at the Fairfax Campus this fall (masks and social distancing required).

You will learn how to sow seeds, compost, prepare garden beds, use hydroponics, transplant seedlings, harvest crops, solve pest issues, organize data, conduct research, and help with landscape design, and outreach and marketing. In addition, you will have opportunities to practice your leadership skills by assisting volunteers.

Earn Academic Credit & Gain Hands-On Experience

Earn Academic Credit!

  • If you are an Environmental & Sustainability Studies, or ESS major, you are required to complete 3 academic credits of an internship for your program, and this internship counts as credit for your program.
  • If you are not, ask your advisor if the internship could count toward your degree program, either as a practicum/internship or as an upper-level elective.

Gain Hands-On Experience!

  • Growing leafy greens at the Presidents Park Greenhouse (near Ike’s), which get served in the dining halls. Work there in any weather, since its shaded, ventilated and automatically heated.
  • As the weather allows, experience the outdoor gardens at the Innovation Food Forest and the Potomac Heights Organic Vegetable Garden, where fruits, veggies, and herbs are grown, including strawberries, pumpkins, mint, and more!

Start Earning (Academic Credit) and Learning!

Applications to the for-credit unpaid internship are complete for Fall 2020. If you want to learn more and/or intern with us in Spring 2021, email expressing your interest in this amazing internship opportunity. 

Read more about the Greenhouse and Gardens at Mason.

Not interested in an academic internship? You can still learn practical skills and knowledge by volunteering with us, no prior experience necessary. Create your free account today.