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The Potomac Heights Organic Vegetable Garden (PHVG) was the first veggie garden started at the Fairfax campus, built in April 2009 with the support of University Sustainability. The garden is maintained by staff and student volunteers. It was formerly led by the now inactive organization known as GOGA (GMU Organic Gardening Association), as still represented in Mason360.


The garden is hidden behind the Potomac Heights residence hall, near the back of the Aquatic Fitness Center, at 10350 York River Road, Fairfax, VA. You will need to approach the Potomac Heights building, and then go around to the back of the building before you see the garden.

Get Involved:

The produce is not meant for anyone to harvest. Students and staff put in a ton of work to grow annual veggies and fruits every year. Please sign up online to visit the site, gain access to the free produce and give back through helping out. You can sign-up to pick-up produce and volunteer through our Sustainable Sign-Ups webpage.

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