Presidents Park Greenhouse

The Presidents Park Greenhouse (PPG) was formerly owned by the College of Science and was used to grow plants for Biology and Ecology classes. In 2014, the College of Science occupants moved to the top of Exploratory Hall, leaving the greenhouse vacant. The Office of Sustainability took ownership of the greenhouse and created a plan for year-round food production. The plan involved the installation of a hydroponic food production system and was made possible through generous grants from both the Auxiliary Enterprise Management Council and Patriot Green Fund.

The staff at the PPG now produce approximately 2,000 lbs. of fresh produce annually which raises $20,000 each year that is used to pay for supplies, staff and utilities. Harvests include fresh produce such as basil, cilantro, lettuce, and other baby greens. The new system recently added will produce tomatoes, fresh thyme and mint.


Greenhouse Volunteering – Join Us!

The PPG’s success has been built upon the generous help and support of its volunteers. All volunteers, students or otherwise, are welcome during our weekly walk-in schedule.

The Weekly Walk-In Volunteer Schedule: (Starting Jan. 22) 

Mon/Wed/Fri 4-7 pm and Tue 11-2

The weekly walk-in schedule is set for anyone to come volunteer and get involved. You can help out with harvests, seed sowing, transplanting, composting and more. You do not need any prior experience and you do not need to notify anyone that you’re coming to volunteer. You can just show up during these times and we will teach you everything you need to know.

If you plan to volunteer we recommend wearing clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting wet or dirty. Also, please bring your own reusable water bottle to stay hydrated. The greenhouse can get quite hot on sunny days, so dress in layers in case you need to cool off.

You can watch our Volunteer Tutorial Videos to be prepared before you get started:

Entering the Greenhouse

Worm Bin Sorting How To

More videos coming soon!



If you are a student in the Environmental and Sustainability Studies program, you will need 3 credits of an internship to graduate. You can do this internship at the greenhouse and gardens hosted by the Office of Sustainability. You can find all the application materials in this Google Drive folder. Deadline for Spring 2018 is January 8th. Your department may till accept late applications. Please email Doni at to let her know you’re applying.


Mason Dining

“Dishes created with produce grown at the Presidents Park Hydroponic Greenhouse is served at a celebration of the greenhouse opening. The Office of Sustainability and Sodexo have partnered to provide produce grown here to Mason Dining facilities. Photo by Alexis Glenn/Creative Services/George Mason University”

All of the produce grown in the PPG is sold to Mason Dining, managed by Sodexo. Each harvest is incorporated into the recipes and salad bars at Ike’s, Southside, the Globe, and catering. In exchange for the produce, Mason Dining contributes toward the PPG’s operational costs.

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