Green Jobs

University Sustainability and Career Services host a Green Job Networking Fair at the Fairfax Campus. Photo by Alexis Glenn/Creative Services/George Mason University

University Sustainability and Career Services are close collaborators and committed to help you earn the dream “green” career of your choice! We offer opportunities for volunteering, service-learning, and paid internship work within our office and frequently partner with Career Services for programs and events on campus. Check out Career Services’ green & sustainable resources for job boards, experiential learning opportunities, academic programs, and the skills you need to make your dream a reality!

Revenue for energy efficiency businesses in Virginia has increased from $300 million in 2013 to $1.5 billion in 2016. According to the Brookings Institution, green jobs outpaced job growth in the greater economy by a factor of 2 to 1.  These are jobs in businesses that produce goods or services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources or jobs in which the worker’s duties involve making their establishment’s production processes more environmentally friendly or use fewer natural resources. If you are interested in jobs that create a more sustainable future, contact us to learn about volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities and listen to the stories of green industry professionals!