2013 Projects

(12/13 Academic Year)

In the second year of the Patriot Green Fund, projects again were not only building a foundation for sustainable campus operations, but began to branch out in to smaller student research projects. In 2012, the PGF Committee agreed to begin awarding smaller projects with a shorter review process in order to enable professors and students to obtain funding for projects occurring within the same semester.

Project TitleProject Leader(s)Award AmountProjectPlaceStatus
Solar Charging Station G. Manno $12,000Infrastructure: Purchase a solar charging station Fairfax CampusContinues today in front of Manhattan Pizza at Merten Hall
Solar Charging StationS. Stein$12,000 initiallyInfrastructure: Engineering students build a solar charging stationFairfax CampusContinues today in front of Panda Express at Merten Hall
Solar ConcentratorP. Pachowicz$1,000Research: concentrated solarFairfax Campus
Aquaponics Solar GardenA. Cadien$1,100Research: aquaponics tankFairfax Campus
Innovation Food ForestE. Torrens$27,000 initiallyInfrastructure: create edible, permaculture garden Fairfax CampusContinues today next to Innovation Hall
eWaste collectionK. Hopper$4,500Infrastructure: electronic waste collection binsFairfax CampusContinues today, located in Johnson Center