2019 Projects

(18/19 Academic Year)

The PGF sponsored several projects that spanned across sustainability research topics and innovative campus infrastructure projects:

Project Title Project Leader(s)Award Amount Project PlaceStatus
Assessment of Building EnvelopeR. Gallo$7,500Research: Project continued with progress from previous year. Development of software that interprets thermal images to determine the energy loss of various building materials. *Mechanical Engineering senior capstone project.Fairfax CampusCompleted
Waste Diversion MeasurementsR. Gallo$7,500Research: Sensor package capable of transmitting waste data from campus containers to Facilities Management. *Mechanical Engineering senior capstone project.Fairfax CampusCompleted
Smoking UrnsD. Sklarew$2,168Infrastructure: Signage for smoking urns at the Johnson CenterFairfax CampusCompleted
Campus Turf Improvements/Testing A. Wingfield, D. Nolan$350Research: Determine a mixture of turf grass varieties/cultivators that can be grown organically and maintain the same level of growth and appearance of current campus turf. Fairfax CampusIn progress
Crushed Glass Filtration A. Close$300Research: Examine how a crushed glass filter compares to a traditional sand filter that is used in wastewater treatment. Fairfax CampusIn progress
Ecological Impacts of Microplastics G. Foster$5,468Research: Study of microplastics as micropollutants in the Potomac watershed. Potomac Science CenterIn progress
Microorganisms as Biological IndicatorsJ. Salerno, B. Van Aken$4,250Research: Evaluation of the use of aquatic communities as bioindicators of aquatic habitat quality in the Potomac River.Potomac Science CenterIn progress
Mason Sun TrackerL. Huang$2,000Infrastructure: Design and build a construct that sustains a self-sufficient device charging station that will contain a solar panel that can autonomously position itself to orthogonally face the sun. Fairfax CampusIn progress
Rain Barrel RepairD. Sklarew$185Infrastructure: Restoration of existing rain barrel at the Potomac Heights vegetable garden. Fairfax CampusIn progress