2015 Projects

(14/15 Academic Year)

In 2015, PGF supported the instruments in the Attic project. Established in Fall 2008, the Instruments in the Attic (IiA) program, administered by Mason’s Potomac Arts Academy, collects used musical instruments generously donated from members of the community at large. Rather than ending up in a dumpster and/or landfill, these instruments are given a “second life”. Furthermore, PGF funded the Water Bottle Refill Stations project, with aim to improve Mason’s effort to reduce disposable water bottles on campus. Supplying hydration stations were made available to Mason students, staff, faculty, and community members across the campus. More about these and other projects can be found below.

Project TitleProject Leader(s)Award AmountProject PlaceStatus
Instruments in the AtticM. Geske$10,000Infrastructure: Re-use of musical instrumentsFairfax Campus
Methane Bio-digesterC. Reagle, J. Bynum$12,000Research: Food waste to energy Fairfax CampusPressure testing (Summer 2017)
Water bottle refill stationsE. Wichers and others$6,000 for phase 1 Infrastructure: Retro-fit and new water fountains for reusable bottlesFairfax CampusMost buildings have at least 1 water bottle refill stations with over 2.2 million uses (Spring 2017)