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Dominick Casciano - Fall 2015
Dominick Casciano – Fall 2015

Dominick is a lifelong resident of Northern Virginia and a long-term member of the George Mason community. He received his B.S. in Civil Engineering in 2014 and continued on to pursue a master’s degree in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering. Dominick became aware of the emerging sustainability movement on campus after living above the Potomac Heights Community Garden and attending the Sustainable Living Roadshow in 2011. When his curriculum allowed for it, he attended Green Patriots meetings and events, curiously looking on as the President’s Park greenhouse was constructed. Little did he know he would eventually volunteer in the greenhouse for its grand opening in the Spring of 2015.  Dominick is committed to living a mindful life in thought, speech, and action. He credits his environmental conscientiousness to his many years of Scouting, where he picked up a dedication to nature, a set of outdoor skills, and a knack for teamwork, leadership, and service. Undergraduate coursework did much to raise his awareness of pressing environmental issues as well as the fact that nothing exists in isolation. Currently, Dominick serves as the Special Projects Intern at the Office of Sustainability. His duties include working with the management and promotion of the Patriot Green Fund as well as the ongoing effort to improve recycling and waste diversion on campus.

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