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Jason Von Kundra
Jason Von Kundra – May 2011

Jason Von Kundra came to Mason in the fall of 2009 and immediately made a splash. Working tirelessly on issues of environmental and social justice, Jason has created positive change here on campus. As a student leader he has been instrumental in many of the school’s recent environmental initiatives. Jason helped lead a successful campaign to provide funding for sustainability on campus resulting of the development of the $100,000 per year Patriot Green Fund. He also led the push for more sustainable food at Mason and is excited to have Everlasting Café, an all vegan restaurant, come to campus. Through his involvement in the movement to end the environmentally destructive practice of mountaintop removal, Jason has brought speakers from the coal fields to campus, organized groups of students to lobby on Capitol Hill, and taken students to Appalachia to see mountaintop removal firsthand. Jason is a member of the leadership team of the Animal Rights Collective, a group campaigning for just treatment of animals. He has actively worked to ban animal circuses on campus for illegal violations of the Animal Welfare Act. In 2011 student government passed a resolution in support of the group’s efforts. As a co-founder of the GMU Students for Workers’ Rights, Jason advocates for the right to unionize, living wages and safe working conditions. Seeing all the sweatshop free clothes made by Alta Gracia in the bookstore is one of the reasons he is proud to be at Mason.

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