In 2015, as part of the White House’s American Campuses Act on Climate, George Mason University pledged to have a recycling rate of 50% by 2018. Mason is well on its way but you can help us get to and exceed that goal!

George Mason’s Recycling Program

Mason has a robust multi-stream recycling program that we are continuously improving. We sort and collect multiple recyclables—white paper, colored/mixed paper, cardboard, and co-mingled aluminum, plastics, glass, steel—to keep contamination low, to maintain clean recyclable material that can be effectively recycled or sold, and to increase the overall environmental benefit of recycling. The Mason community is encouraged to recycle at recycling centers located throughout buildings on campus. Recycling centers consist of 3 “Slim Jim” blue bins for white paper, colored/mixed paper, and co-mingled aluminum, plastics, glass, and steel. The recycling centers in larger buildings, such as the Johnson Center and Merten Hall, are equipped with a larger recycling center that may be wooden or stainless steel.  These recycling centers are located in common spaces of each floor, such as lobbies, hallways, kitchens, pantries, lounges, and printer/copy rooms. Find out what is accepted at recycling centers here.

Mason’s Recycling and Waste Management team collects the recycling from buildings at least once a week or more depending on amounts. Additionally, Mason employs a team of individuals with disabilities to assist with recycling services on campus.

Specialty items:

  • Please break down and collapse cardboard boxes and if small, place neatly behind recycling centers. Larger boxes should be collapsed and placed in cardboard recycling container behind buildings.
  • Batteries, chargers, and ink cartridges can be recycled in the Electronics Recycling box throughout the Johnson Center.
  • Larger Electronics, such as computers and printers, should be declared and disposed through Fiscal Services.
  • Hazardous waste is collected by Mason’s Environmental Health and Safety. 
  • Items such as wood pallets, cooking oil, used motor oil, and lightbulbs are collected on a case-by-case basis. Please call Facilities customer service (703-993-2525) for more information.

Contact Info

Facilities Customer Service
Phone: 703-993-2525